ArtyIT Creative Web Design
Why We're Good

Because we know our stuff.

As well as creating beautiful designs, we're red-hot on the often-ignored but important considerations of Accessibility and Valid Coding. This ensures that your site will be useable for people with visual difficulties (a legal requirement in some countries), and that it displays correctly in all of the popular browsers and on different-sized monitors.

To this end, your site will undergo rigorous testing and will only be released to you when it is certified error-free. And as well as being beautiful both inside and out, our sites load virtually instantaneously.

Lastly, and most importantly, we ensure that your website will be picked up by the most popular search engines. It is no exaggeration to say that every single one of our 'redesign' clients has reported a significant increase in traffic to their fresh new web site.

We're 0.007% in 2.4 million!

Of 2.4 million web pages evaluated for valid coding, only a tiny fraction met the World Wide Web Consortium's standards. We're proud of the fact that our websites are tested and certified 100% error-free before we release them to their new owners.

We're also very friendly...

Our clients love us because we're easy to work with, and we provide a good, old-fashioned, personal, caring service that's second to none. More than 90% of our work comes to us via recommendation, and we don't take on too much so that we're always on hand for after-service such as website tweaks and updates.

Quality is remembered long after
the price is forgotten”
Gucci family slogan

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