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We design gorgeous, lean and mean fast-loading websites that adhere strictly to the World Wide Web Consortium's guidelines. (That means that we don't cut corners like some 'designers' by adapting pre-designed, poorly-coded web pages from Templates-R-Us.)

We register domain names, and provide ultra-reliable, feature-rich hosting services with unlimited web space and e-mail addresses.

We design elegant custom logos, which we can incorporate into your website and your business stationery.

In short, ArtyIT provides tailor-made solutions for all your small business identity needs.


Website looking tired and jaded? More importantly, visitors are few and far between?

ArtyIT can transform your site and make Search Engines sit up and take notice.

Take Terry, the owner of the Kickboxing site who felt embarrassed when handing out his business card and leaflets. With some tender loving care from ArtyIT, Terry's new site has a clean, contemporary feel and loads in a fraction of the time. And if you Google for "Kickboxing Crayford" it comes up at the very top of the search results, attracting an average of 500 visitors a month.

Old site    Redesign

Paying Google for hits?

So was our friend Robert Pound the magician, until he was recommended to ArtyIT. Robert was paying between £200 and £500 per month using Google's pay-per-click campaign. Not only does he now have an attractive site that sets him apart from the rest in his profession, but within a short time the site had paid for itself many times over with the high volume of 'organic' hits, resulting in a busy diary for a happy Robert.

Design is not just what it looks and feels like.
Design is how it works.
Steve Jobs

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